Monday, 2 December 2013

The adventure begins...

Hello unknown, blogging world…I must warn you in advance – I approach this delve into blogging with a serious amount of trepidation. It’s such an unfamiliar place to translate the myriad of thoughts in my not-so-tech-savvy mind to the cyber-planet but then, I’m not altogether unacquainted with:
a. Trying
b. Making a fool of myself! (genuinely hoping not to achieve foolishness!)

Still…it’s a bit scary. Not to mention incredibly intimidating, what with all the amazing blog talent out there, and also, possibly the most important factor in the to-blog-or-not-to-blog debate in my mind - I have no idea if my frivolous rambles will really be of any interest to anyone! But in my usual fashion, I’m just going to dive headfirst and think of the consequences later.

I’m not sure what exactly it was that suddenly spurred me to begin blogging at this precise moment but it could have something to do with following Shimelle’s blog, especially the Journal Your Christmas project that I am starting again this year and somehow little sparks of wondering “Could I do this? Really?” started to prick at my mind. So a few hours of Googling and nerding-up on Blogger later and here I am!
Actually, while we’re on the subject of motivation, a thank you has to go to my friend Sinéad whose encouragement was the final push off the uncertainty cliff of my mind. I was very much tiptoeing towards the edge but now, armed with her inspiring words and a new sense of adventure, I am progressing to a full sprint and somersault dive. I just hope this enthusiasm endures.

The beginnings of this little blog, I fear, are leaning towards the humble however, as I’m not sure how to even start. Do I introduce myself? Is it that simple? Well here goes…I’m Jenny, a recent(ish) (emphasis on “ish” actually..!) masters graduate of archaeology living in the west of Ireland with my full-time-academic, part-time-farmer, all-round-can-do-anything-manly-man (he is not a boy apparently…) while I accustom myself to all things rural and obsess over making our new house a home. In between pouring over Laura Ashley catalogues, I drink copious amounts of tea, love to travel, go to music gigs, photograph pretty much everything and anything, scrapbook the results of such photography sessions, zealously overuse my iPod, read, bake, shop, panic when I realise I may have spent too much, then try not to shop and predictably, ultimately…fail…oh yes, and wave the flag for Irish Heritage as I work for the National Monuments of Ireland where my base is a dreamy medieval castle.

So that’s my first blog-post escapade summed up in a short paragraph. Hmmm.
We’ll just see how this goes, shall we?!

And on a final note, in recognition of all things December, here is what mine has looked like so far:
(this is where I attempt to add photos...fingers crossed!)

Christmas displays to be seen around Galway at the moment...


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Jenny! So delighted to see you here :D This is just about perfect as a first post :D By the way, your photos are lovely and Galway is looking super this festive season! YAY again on your foray into blogging :) xxx

  2. Aww thank you so much! It's a scary step but I'm glad I took it, thanks to your wise words! I think the whole thing will be therapy for me too...keep my mind distracted and all that! So yay! Here's to more blogging :) Wow...can't believe I actually said that!